Sunscreens in Chandler, AZ

Living in Arizona, you understand how sweltering the heat can get—even in your home. Lines Sunscreens, LLC is here to help protect your living space against the harsh UV rays and heavy glare of the sun by providing window screens suitable for every home and business in Chandler, AZ. Our screens are necessary for letting in natural light, while protecting yourself from the unwanted effects of heavy sun exposure.

Custom-Made for Every installation

Not sure what size screen you’ll need for your windows? Our professionals build custom-sized screens to guarantee a perfect fit. We’ll make sure you never bring home the wrong sunscreen again!

Our Phifer Suntex and Textilene fabrics offer a range of color tones for your screen, giving you tons of options for customization. No matter what shade or tint you want, we’ve got it. Your new window screens will be made of the best material in the industry, installed seamlessly so they work perfectly.

Home With Sunscreens

Protection from Pests and the Sun

With a window screen installation from us, you can say good-bye to unwanted pests! Our sunscreens are tear-resistant, leaving bugs no way to sneak into your home or business. Let in the fresh air, and keep out everything else.

Because they’re so tightly woven, our screens also block out most of the sun’s rays. Whether it’s windows, doors or porches, rest assured our screens will protect your Chandler, AZ home or business from intense UV rays, blinding glares and rising cooling costs. Our sunscreens keep indoor temperatures under control so you can enjoy natural light with comfort.

Keep Natural Light In-Check

Lines Sunscreens, LLC is ready to help protect your home or business from the sun. Our professionals in Chandler, AZ can handle any sunscreen customizations and installations, for a complete solution to your sun mitigation needs. Call 480-833-4154 and get a free quote today.