Window Screen Mounting

Mounting Option Flowchart


  • Casement Clips:
    When using casement clips, be sure to have at least ½” of flat window frame surrounding a minimum of 2 opposite sides of the window. In order to use casement clips, be sure you have at least ½” of flat window frame surrounding at least 2 opposite sides of the window.
  • 3M Dual Locks:Be sure you have at least 5/8” of flat, smooth window frame surrounding all four sides of the window. Dual lock tape is 1” wide and works if you put it on the back of the metal of your screen frame and adhere it to the metal around your window. All the corners and centers are approx 2” strips. This is a great alternative to using clips that require drilling. Be sure to pre-clean your window frames with alcohol to give the tape a stronger adhesive hold.


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