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Bug Screens & Super Screens in Gilbert, AZ

Lines Sunscreens, LLC is proud to be the only business in the Gilbert, AZ region to offer Super Screens. For more than a decade, this product has set the standard when it comes to superior sunscreen performance, longevity and reliability. Whether you’re installing a new pool enclosure from scratch, or you have screens around the house in need of replacement, Super Screen is the ultimate choice that lasts and lasts.

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Why Choose Super Screens?

Standard fiberglass bug screens get brittle from sun rot—and, they’re also easily torn. Super Screen’s proprietary bug screen is a much stronger, more resilient fabric. Using a specially formulated extrusion process and advanced polymer formula, Super Screen products withstand the elements—especially the intense sun that our region receives nearly year-round.As an added bonus, Super Screen products are UV-tolerant. They retain their color and strength and also protect your property from fading and flaking that’s all too common with fiberglass screens. The fabric is also tear-resistant, which is especially helpful if you have pets. Other key benefits include:

  • Improved visibility
  • Golf ball resistance
  • Pest resistance
  • Insect control
  • Generous warranties

Bring Us Your Worn Out Screens!

Why pay all the fees of having a technician come to you when you can bring us your damaged, broken, or worn out screens and save yourself money on repairs! We offer both rescreening and screen repairs for almost any size screen. No job is too small and with our conveniently located office in the East Valley, bringing in your screens for repair is easier than ever!

Invest in the Best Screen Products Money Can Buy

Super Screen uses the most advanced technology available to create products that outlast the competition. Lines Sunscreens, LLC proudly offers Super Screen products for clients throughout the greater Gilbert, AZ region. We’re ready to help you discover the right screen solution for your property, just give us a call or text today at 480-833-4154.

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