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Sunscreens in Gilbert, AZ

In a place with summer days as hot as Arizona, having sunscreens protecting your house or business is a huge benefit. A window sunscreen or screen door installation in Gilbert, AZ blocks out harmful UV rays, keeping you cooler and more comfortable, even on the brightest, hottest days. Plus, screens are a great way to control the light level in your building, so you’re not constantly blinded!

At Lines Sunscreen, LLC, we offer a wide variety of sunscreens to help you keep the sun in check. From custom-cut window sunscreens to a screen door replacement in Gilbert, AZ, we make sure you get the highest standard of protection!

Custom Made

Finding the right size sunscreens can be difficult, which is why we provide custom-made solutions for all our clients. We carefully measure your window or door then craft sunscreens to fit.

Varied fabric options

We use Phifer Suntex and Textilene products for all our sunscreens. This allows for a wide variety of fabric options, from lighter to darker variants and closer-knit screens for maximum protection from the sun.

Solar & insect protection

Consider both solar and insect protection options when it comes to our sunscreens. We offer tear-resistant bug screens that reduce heat while keeping unwanted pests out of your home. Enjoy the fresh air, worry-free!

Benefits of Sunscreens

Using heavy-duty woven mesh products from SunTex and Textilene, we fabricate sunscreens that block 80%, 90%, and even 95% of the sun’s rays before they enter your windows and doors! Our capabilities allow us to tailor solutions for your windows, doors and porches. Take a look at what makes sunscreens such a great investment for your home or business:

Keep out bugs

Tear Resistant

Block UV Rays

Fresh Air

Protects Furnishings

Unobstructed Views

Provides Privacy

Reduces Glare

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Sunscreens from Lines Sunscreens, LLC are the key to keeping the sun under control and enjoying the Arizona climate—even on the brightest days. Contact us today at 480-833-4154 to learn more about our sunscreen products or to set up a consultation to begin enjoying their benefits in your home or business.

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