Roller Shades

Rolldown Shades in Gilbert, AZ

Protecting your home’s interior from the scorching Arizona sun means being able to pull down a shade quickly to block out the heat and light. At Lines Sunscreens, LLC, we bring our customers some of the best rolldown shades in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, and Tempe, AZ, designed to look great, improve comfort and, most important, protect your home against exposure effects.

We install and service roller shades for windows of all sizes and styles. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to block out the sun and heat, with products designed for maximum return on investment.

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The Benefits of Rolldown Shades

Rolldown shades are an unobtrusive way to block out the sun, no matter how bright it’s shining into your room. Properly installed, all you need to do is pull them down for instant relief from light and heat. Here’s a look at why it pays to bring roller shades into your home:

  • Low-profile appearance that conveniently rolls up when not in use
  • Choose from opaque and semi-translucent shade styles and options
  • Inexpensive cost that more than pays for itself in UV mitigation
  • Easy to install and service, no matter the window size or style
  • Simple upkeep and maintenance, with great longevity

With numerous styles and options to choose from, we help Gilbert, AZ homeowners get the right roller shades for every room of their home. When the sun starts to get unbearable, just pull down the shade to enjoy optimal comfort.

Experience Cost-Efficient Light Mitigation

Don’t get affordability confused with cheapness! We supply customers with some of the best rolldown shades on the market, at prices that’ll make you overjoyed to bring these products into your home. We promise quality installation and a product that meets your needs—all rolled into one affordable cost.

Keep The Heat Out & Reduce The Glare

Tired of blinding light in your home? Need to reduce energy costs by blocking UV heating? Lines Sunscreens, LLC brings Gilbert, AZ homeowners superior roller shades at an affordable cost, tailored to every room you install them in. Contact us today at 480-833-4154 to learn more about our sunscreens, screen doors, repair services, and other options and what makes them great.

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Motorized Shade

19′ wide x 14′ tall
95% Suntex “Alpaca” fabric