March 7, 2023

Stephanie D. | 2022-10-28 20:58:52

"I had a great experience with Lines Sunscreens! The owner Deb Lines has wonderful customer, what very considerate of my time line and offered a fantastic turnaround time! I love the screen repair she did! "
February 23, 2023

2023-05-01 | 15:46:31

"I needed two custom bug screens from scratch. No original frame was available so I worked with Deb who made screens in short time that popped in with no problem."
February 16, 2023

2023-05-01 | 15:46:30

"What a great experience. If only all people would do business the way Deb does. Excellent work and price and excellent communication as well. Simply the best. Highly recommended"
September 1, 2022

Lines Sunscreens, LLC

"Living in Arizona...Sunscreens are an absolute *must*. I came across Lines Sunscreens, LLC while shopping around for new sunscreens. With other companies, either they didn't quite have what I was looking for, or my order wasn't large enough or important enough for their particular company, or their prices were outrageously high, or their communication with me as a potential customer was less than desirable. Working with Deb was an absolute pleasure. She was not only very personable but also, very helpful and knowledgeable about both their products and service...What a delight. Finally, a company with both great customer service and communication, which seems to be lacking these days. Very happy with the quality and workmanship of both frames and screens. To be perfectly honest, they weren't the least expensive sunscreens I found, but, also *not* the most expensive either. In my opinion, to be fair, I found their company to be moderately priced. (I learned a lesson with a prior company that going with the company who offered the lower price isn't always the best bet. You get what you pay for and you can't compromise the quality of the product or workmanship. Lesson learned.) If you are in need of sunscreens to help combat the bright sun and heat of Arizona, I *highly* recommend Lines Sunscreens, LLC located in Gilbert, Arizona. With sunscreen companies a dime a dozen, there is a reason that this small, local family business has been in business since the 1970's. Quality over compromise... I will be returning to order additional sunscreens once my remodel is complete. ~Thank You Deb~"
September 1, 2022

Quality and Quick Turnaround

"We (@CasakeepersAZ) have been working with Line Screens as our sole manufacture. We enjoy working with them. They are consistent, have really good turnaround and competitive pricing. We specialize in Park model/Mobile home installs and we enjoy their smiling faces and the quality of there products second to none. :) "